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Landscape Construction

As one of the core components of LandPro, it is common to have many of the most prominent companies reply upon us for their commercial and custom projects. From detail upgrades to full scale construction projects, LandPro has completed years of projects garnering much praise for our workmanship and quality.

Our trained technicians oversee every aspect of each project the from irrigation to final inspection. With specialized technicians for each phase, we guarantee our clients a level of service and quality unparalleled in our industry. As the majority of our construction work originates from repeat business and referrals, LandPro is pround to be a distinguished leader in the landscaping industry.

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Landscape Maintenance

LandPro's comprehensive maintenance programs are tailored to meet the requirements of individual property needs.

We look to provide a full service landscape maintenance program to care for your property. Privately owned and operated we pride ourselves on or commitment to provide quality service and top tier workmanship.

  • Service Schedules
  • Irrigation
  • Landscape Care
  • Seasonal Color
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Emergency Situation Available Services
  • Field Reports
  • Inspections
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Tree Services

Our highly trained & skilled trimmers practice the highest standards in the arborist industry. Our experts can give you tree trimming advice, and a yearly schedule of trimming to maintain healthy trees. By Utilzing sustainable arbor-care practices to treat, protect, remove and replace trees as needed, you can ensure the success of your arbor-care program to remain vibrant, healthy and beautiful.

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LandPro specializes in the construction of patios, walkways, walls and other outdoor structures including fencing, landscape lighting, decks, arbors, pergolas and driveways. We understand that a landscape is made functional only by the hardscape features that are within. With our expert team of masons, the highest quality of product and service can be expected.

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Highlighting but only a few, LandPro is available for numerous consulting requests including but not limited to: Service schedules, irrigation, seasonal color, emergency situations, roof and rain gutter cleaning, vacant parcel weed abatement, fountain or water feature services, field reports, and inspections.

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